Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Frogs, heels, stilts and hairlines -Pocholo's update

For most owners, the hardest thing about rehab is sending their horses miles away.  Annette, Pocholo's owner, has it much worst than most as she left the UK to work in Hong Kong 3 weeks after Pocholo arrived at Rockley.
He arrived having been out of shoes a month and with typical Andalusian hooves - boxy, upright and with high heels and contracted frogs.  Having been imported as a young horse, his hooves are in much better shape than many but his weak caudal hoof was compromising his movement and soundness so they needed to change.
After 4 weeks at Rockley, better engagement of the frogs and caudal hoof is showing in the start of a healthier frog, heel and digital cushion.
As his hoof becomes healthier, those stilts are starting to reduce as well - not because they are being trimmed to lower the heels but because as his hoof begins to be able to land heel first the frog and internal structures are becoming bulkier and stronger.   Notice also that the hairline at the coronet, which was bulging at the quarters when he arrived (above) has started to level out (compare the photo from yesterday, below) - evidence of more even loading.
 The proof of the pudding - over the last month he has begun to land better first behind, then in front.

Pocholo from Nic Barker on Vimeo.


Neets Human said...

Really interesting comparing the earlier with the later photos of his hoof.. In the later as he wears his heels down a bit, seem to show flare at the front of the hoof indicated by the change in hoof angle?

Nic Barker said...

There is no flare, in the sense of a stretched white line, but obviously if you grow in hoof at a tighter angle the old hoof at the old angle will look a bit "bell-bottomed" by comparison :-) Zan's photos are a really good example of this.