Tuesday 16 August 2011

Dillon and the wedges - continued

Everyone who reads this blog vividly remembers the shoes Dillon arrived in - in fact I can introduce him to people as "the horse who had those wedges" and they instantly gasp when they recall his shoes.
He had the full range of problems diagnosed on MRI - navicular syndrome, pedal osteitis, extensive ligament and tendon damage.  For practical purposes his landing was OK when he arrived but his medio lateral balance was poor and he had thin soles.
He had also been on box rest and although he has coped very well with much more extensive movement, his thin soles mean that the range of surfaces he can work on comfortably is still fairly limited.

He is making good changes to his feet though and his ability to cope with tougher ground should improve as his sole depth and the connection of his hoof capsule improves.   Here are his feet on day one and today, for comparison.
And the contrast in development of the caudal hoof, below after about a month
...and today after 2 months.

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jenj said...

I'm glad to see Dillon making so much good progress! What a smart boy!