Friday, 19 August 2011

The Friday film: Rockley does "Black Beauty"!

George's owners were down this week and were very pleased, as I am, with his good progress so far.
He has only been here 4 weeks so there is lots still to do but he had a huge head start over many rehab horses - he already had hooves which had excellent internal development and, despite his lameness and the damage visible on MRI, his feet are extremely robust compared to many horses who come here.
As a result, his hoof landing and loading improved rapidly and I've been able to get him back into work - which he loves - remarkably quickly.  
With Maddy, his owner, back on board he was really up for it, and Jacqui took this fun footage which I've edited and added the soundtrack to ;-)
George, Zan and Pocholo acquitted themselves admirably and all enjoyed the chance to show off for the cameras!
Here's hoping for a "Happy ever after" ending for George and Maddy.


Lainey said...

Stunning, all of them.......Nic do you always were wet weather gear?lolxxxxxxxxxx

Nic Barker said...

Unfair, Lainey! The first morning I'd just got back from exercising first lot in the pouring rain ;-) Second day was quite nice and NO waterproofs :-)

Val said...

George is breathtaking.

jenj said...

George is quite the handsome fellow, and Zan does a lovely job in his role as the midget pony Ginger. Do you suppose they've got a chance at a career on the big screen?

cptrayes said...

Do you guys realise that George is the cover boy on Nic and Sarah's book? I'm on him on the book, as I owned him at the time and sold him to friends of mine.

He is a lovely boy, I would never have sold him if he'd been a hand bigger, and of course no-one could be more thrilled than me that he is back in work, except perhaps George who has a tremendous love of moving and jumping!

GREAT news Nic!


Nic Barker said...

I did tell them when he first arrived, but they may have forgotten :-) He does adore work, doesn't he - don't think I've ever met a horse who was quite so thrilled to have his job back!

Keep everything crossed for him, folks!

cptrayes said...

I know you can't criticise vets and farriers, Nic, as you have to work too closely with them, but am I allowed to mention that one of the countries leading veterinary schools gave this horse a VERY poor prognosis of ever returning to work only one month ago? And that their resident remedial farrier said that there was nothing wrong with his feet?


Nic Barker said...

C - oh, go on then :-) I will be updating that very same veterinary school once the academic summer hols are over!

jacqui said...

We has such a great time with Nic and the team last week and George and Maddy had a very emotional reunion.We were amazed and thrilled with what Nic has achieved with George in such a short space of time and how happy and "chilled" he was with the whole experience.It was especially rewarding for Maddy to discover that all the work that she has had to put in with George to get him where he was might not be in vain after all !