Tuesday, 30 August 2011

New blog feature - "Horse of the Week"!

I always seem to be posting on the blog about how much the horses here amaze me with their incredible powers of recovery, toughness and bravery, and I've decided its about time there was a new feature on this blog: "Horse of the Week"!  
I will award it each week to the horse who has been the most astonishing, made the most progress or wow-ed me in some other way(!), and this week, the award goes to Paddy (seen above with Zan, George and Dillon as co-stars).
Paddy gets the award because he came here only 10 days ago in bar shoes and he has already made the most incredible changes to his feet.  Admittedly, he had long hooves overdue for shoeing when he arrived but if you compare the photos above and below, you can hardly even see the nail holes today - and thats nearly all down to Paddy's determination to grow better feet extremely fast.
There is lots to like about Paddy's new hooves, even just looking at photos, though they are more impressive in real life. 
Out of shoes his frogs have leapt at the chance to start doing their job and are blossoming into really tough, hard-working frogs.
Paddy's feet looked rather as if they belonged to a space alien on day one...
...but now they are looking truly fantastic, particularly for only 10 days out of shoes - clever boy!


jenj said...

Oooh, Paddy is a handsome boy, and his new feet are just going to make him that much more gorgeous! I'm glad to hear he's doing so well.

Flynn said...

Can one win this award retrospectively? Just curious., that's all.

Nic Barker said...

Interesting idea, Flynn...But why not aim big and put yourself forward now for Horse of the Year 2011? Go for it my boy :-)