Saturday 6 August 2011

Lots of good stuff

I had an email from Kate, who owns Saffy, the KWPN mare who went home a few weeks ago.  Kate is very pregnant but has been fantastically committed to keeping Saffy working now she is back home:

"Saffy is doing well. I have managed to keep her lovely and trim which I am extremely chuffed about. She had her first ever gallop last week. Yes for the first time in 4 years she hit a gear she never even knew she had under saddle! I was so impressed with her and grinning from ear to ear. I have so missed my pony the last 2 years.

She is thoroughly enjoying her hacking out and this is where she is happiest to trot forward and even canter. She is still a bit of an elephant in the menage, because she is unbalanced she makes no effort to swing through when trotting, and I think she gets some what bored. And she definitely will not canter yet out here. I did however introduce trotting poles today which woke her up and she really enjoyed it so I think variety is the key."

Not many expectant mums would still be doing fast work and trotting poles (!) and its great to hear that Saffy is doing so well :-)
Setting off from the meet - Dex is wondering whats going on but is up for it!
Time also for news of Dexter, who came to live here permanently when Kelly had to move to London for work.
A bit of a canter!
Charlie says: You'll have this hunting lark worked out in no time, mate
As far as we all know, he has never hunted before but he seemed to find it rather entertaining - after all, its what you do when you live on Exmoor...!
Best side to the camera, darling!

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jenj said...

Congrads to Saffy and her mum for doing so brilliantly! I'm sure that Dexter will figure out this hunting thing in no time, especially with Charlie to show him the ropes!