Friday, 12 August 2011

Another tease, another perfect morning!

Another tease for all you frustrated bods whose hunting seasons haven't started yet :-)
I took this photo from Dexter - you can see that despite only having hunted 3 times he is becoming quite the professional - and his mate Charlie is taking his job of being nanny very seriously :-)
Its a wonderful time of year to bring out horses who are new to hunting as its mostly quiet and peaceful and they have ample time to think things over and realise that hunting is actually all about watching hounds and learning to negotiate the terrain, not manic galloping about :-)
If you look closely, you can see who the horses and the field are all watching...
Can you see them yet?
Dexter received many nice compliments on his third time out because he has behaved impeccably so far.  Of course I can't take the credit for his beautiful manners as its mostly due to Kelly and Yvonne and all the many events they have taken him to over the years :-)
I was particularly pleased though that he seems to be perfectly happy having hounds all about him - its not a position I would intentionally put a new horse in, but when it happened by mistake he was very calm and acquitted himself admirably, true to his kind nature.
Here's to lots more mornings like these, despite the 4am starts(!)...


Barbara said...

Great pics! I could see the hounds in the first one but I thought they were goats until I enlarged it all the way. HIGH resolution pics. Very nice.

jenj said...

It looks lovely... and I'm SO jealous!

cptrayes said...

Bah humbug!

If you'd jumped anything I'd be REALLY cross.

Radar can't wait, he's bristling with anticipation. 3 more weeks for us!


Dressager said...

This is why I would LOVE to live up there instead of hot, drought-ridden Texas. Beautiful pictures, especially the second-to-last one of the all the hounds lined up in the grass.