Wednesday, 3 August 2011

New girl Nicky

New girl Nicky arrived on Sunday but with all the rushing around getting haylage in, it wasn't till yesterday that I had the chance to take her photos and initial video footage.
Nicky is a QH mare who has been lame for a considerable time.  She was referred to the Animal Health Trust in Newmarket where she was found to have navicular bone damage and extensive soft tissue damage, including to collateral, impar and annular ligaments as well as to the DDFT.
She has had various treatments previously, including remedial farriery and Tildren and more recently being taken out of shoes, but she has remained persistently lame.  Her vet has been extremely helpful but is understandably dubious as to whether Nicky's lameness can be improved.
Looking at her photos and videos there is the usual collection of suspects - weak heels and frogs, long toes and what looks like a loading imbalance, with one heel bulb being distorted.
It was hardly even necessary to slow her footage down, as her poor toe first landing was obvious even to the naked eye but its always nice to have lots to work on :-)  More on Nicky soon!

Nicky from Nic Barker on Vimeo.

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jenj said...

Oh poor girl! I hope her feet are feeling better soon.