Monday, 18 July 2011

Work those hooves!

Its not just Harvey who went home last week to work his little socks off;  Kate has emailed me to say that Saffy has been working hard too - a combination of schoolwork and hacking out.  She arrived home on Monday night and worked each of the next 4 days  - fabulous!

As with most rehab horses, both Saffy and Harvey have a way to go before they have fully grown in a new hoof but its fantastic when owners are able to crack on and keep the work levels up.
Saffy's RF day one
Saffy had been finding work, especially schooling, very difficult in the past and Kate had understandably and quite rightly been unwilling to force her through what was clearly a pain issue.
Same foot after 8 weeks
Now Saffy is much happier in her work and it was great to hear from Kate that although they have a long way to go:

"Over all I am very pleased with her attitude towards being ridden. Now that I don't have to fight with her to get her to move I can concentrate on slowly building her fitness up and her balance on a left circle. She is clearly enjoying her work again which I knew she wasn't when I sent her to you"

Another pair of owners I was very pleased to hear from was Michelle and Tiffany, who own Dilly and Oscar.  They both went home in May and though Oscar has been working well, Dilly in particular has struggled with grass and mineral levels.  Michelle and Tiffany have spent time, money and energy analysing and balancing the grazing and forage at their yard and this hard work and dedication is now really paying off.

Last but not least, with one minor blip Sam has also been getting the mileage onto Lucy's hooves - and some of it has been air miles :-)

"Lucy went cross country schooling for the 2nd time yesterday and she was FAB. I knew she was good, but she is better than good. We did lots of Pre Novice combinations and she just took it all in. You will also be pleased to know although the first session she was reluctant at water, she went straight in yesterday. Both times she jumped in too and LOVES it."

I think they may go eventing soon - fingers crossed :-)

A nice postscript to my post about Dillon on Friday as well, as when I sent the link to his vet she not only went the same day to go and look at it but also was pleased to see how much he had improved - excellent news and its lovely to deal with a vet who takes such an ongoing interest in her patients.

Back at Rockley, I am putting together a post on surfaces - with pics - for those of you who were asking about those a while ago and I should get that up here tomorrow, all being well, unless something REALLY exciting happens in the meantime!

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jenj said...

I'm so glad to hear such good news about everyone! Getting the diet juuuust right is really a huge challenge, and any little change can make a big difference. It's really quite amazing.

I am excited to see your post on surfaces, as I'd like to add some different options to my track.