Sunday, 3 July 2011

Happiness is...

Call me a sad muppet, but the only sight nicer than a year's supply of hayalge all safely baled and wrapped is a lovely stretch of new fencing.
Fencing here is a bit like painting the Forth Bridge - there are always stretches of track fencing and field fencing which are due for renewal or repair and now is the best time of year to do it.   A truck, a thumper, stacks of posts and rails, several pairs of helping hands and lots of extra time - the biggest problem is the latter(!).
Previously on this bit of track we've had stock fencing - to keep sheep in the field on the right - topped with rails, which are safer for the horses than topping with wire.  Last year though we replaced the fence round the arena with 4-rail fencing and its been a great success, so that's what we are putting up here too. 
4-rail-fencing is much more expensive, but on the track it stands up to abuse from horses better than anything else that we've tried - and more importantly, keeps them safer - so its justified.
Aaaaahhh....perfect..... :-)


Media Wurzel said...

You sad muppet.
.....nice fence though!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful fencing!!! And I can relate... so much work and soo little time! Fencing is the ultimate work-in-progress.