Friday, 8 July 2011

Kingsley's Spanish cousin

Kingsley has an Andalusian cousin, Pocholo, who is very smart and arrived here on Wednesday.  Fortunately he hasn't come straight from Spain but has been in  Berkshire, sort of acclimatising to the British weather, but even so I think Exmoor is a bit of a shock because it hasn't stopped raining yet(!)
This is his worse foot (RF) but as the internet is SOOOO SLOOOOW today I won't put up the rest of his photos just yet.

His footage is here, though, and as you'd expect he is landing toe first, which was the reason Wiola and Annette, his owner, wanted him to come down here.  He came out of shoes a few weeks ago but the toe first landing was also a bugbear when he was shod so I am hoping we will be able to help him change that.

I had an interesting conversation with his vet, who had noticed the toe first landing when he assessed his lameness and confirmed that following a nerve block to the caudal hoof he became sounder and landed flatter as well.

Pocholo from Nic Barker on Vimeo.

PS: Kingsley is recovering well from his azoturia, I'm glad to hear, so onwards and upwards for him, I hope!


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I really wish Annette and I had taken photos like this of his feet a few months ago - if anybody thinks these are stilts...they were half way up from this!

I am very much looking forward to seeing his progress :)

Kingsley says he is finally, thankfully allowed out in the field and that's all he cares about ;) He is out of work until next blood tests next week as his enzymes are really high.