Tuesday 12 July 2011

It may be Tuesday but the big weekend isn't over yet

Too much news to fit onto yesterday's blog, so I am carrying on with it today - told you it was a busy weekend! 
Strictly speaking Bailey W's news was from just before the weekend, but hey, he's so gorgeous he gets in any day of the week.  He and Lainey went to their first dressage test - literally the day after his "Bare-day" anniversary - and he was a star and they were placed 5th :-)
Harvey went home on Saturday and was on great form when Kate came to ride - the best yet, I think, and despite her worries loaded absolutely immaculately, due to some brilliant handling by her which was a pleasure to watch.  I have some updates on his feet which I will put up when I get the chance but I hope he will go from strength to strength now.
On the home front, Felix and I went commando again for the first time in a while - I've either not been working him due to there being so many others to do, or riding and leading on the roads, where I feel obliged to put a bridle on him (even if I don't use it!) - so I was delighted that he hasn't forgotten anything.  He was also exercised by Nicky and Annette (not both at the same time) so he is getting a bit of work.
While Annette was here, she dug out some older photos of Pocholo's feet to compare with the ones from when he arrived at Rockley - if you think that his RF looks like its on stilts now, have a look at how both front feet used to be when he lived in Spain - bless him...but sadly all too common.
Yet more changes on Monday with Saffy going home as well.  She also loaded beautifully and I know will be welcomed back home by a very excited Kate :-)  
Although she has a lot of new foot still to grow, her hooves have become much more competent and hard-working (below) than were when she arrived (above).  As with many horses, dietary considerations will be a big factor in how she gets on but I have every confidence that Kate will be on the case!

Finally, the last big news of the day was the arrival of George. There will be lots more about him and his feet over the next few days but I know his fan club are already wanting photos...
...so here he is...You'll have to wait for his hoof shots, but I'll get them up as soon as I can!
"Exactly what am I supposed to do with this pea gravel?"

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