Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Poor Bailey...

..went hunting with Andy yesterday  - a perfect Easter bank holiday, glorious sunshine and a great crowd of people...Charlie and Felix were also out, but poor Bailey was double-barrelled by a shod horse in a narrow gateway :-(  Not her fault, for once, as the shod horse was being ridden by a visitor and presumably got into a panic.  Visitor of course was mortified...

Fortunately although we were in the middle of the moor, it was only about a mile away from a trekking centre, so Andy walked her down there and they were fantastic, providing buckets of ice, bandages and rugs, and in no time at all she was tucked up with ice packs on both front legs and a nasty deep cut bandaged, while I went off on Felix to get the trailer. 

The ice seems to have done the trick, and saved us from 2 very big legs, because Andy said the noise as she was kicked was once of those sickening "cracks"...  However she is walking today, albeit not totally sound, but weightbearing well, so fingers crossed. 

On a brighter note, the 2 new rehabs are doing well and have settled in with  the rest of the gang.  Blue, a big Irish draft is hanging out with Ghost, and they make a perfect pair - both BIG grey (nearly white) IDx TBs, who are complete sweethearts :-)  The other rehab, who is a Dutch warmblood called Uriel, is "one of the lads" and prefers playing boys' games with Charlie and Jack...  Hoof-wise they are both at an early stage but moving well on gravel, sand and grass, which is great. 

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