Thursday, 9 April 2009

Bank holiday tomorrow... of course after a beautiful warm sunny day yesterday its turned cold and grey :-)  Makes no difference to us whether its a bank holiday or not, of course, but its a shame for my brother and nephew who are down for the Easter weekend and are planning to go surfing...Still I suppose thats what wetsuits are for :-)

Charlie, as you can see from the last photo, is kingpin at Rockley, as far as he is concerned.  Felix lets him believe this, mostly ;-)  Charlie had a lovely day hunting yesterday and very nearly managed to get a lift back to kennels in the hunt lorry - he was actually on board, and all ready to return to his spiritual home when I turned up and bundled him OFF the lorry - the indignity of it -  and into the back of his very infra dig trailer, which contains NO hounds at all....He was not impressed, but OTOH he did get to swagger round the yard when he got home and tell everyone about how marvellous he had been all day...  :-)

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