Friday, 17 April 2009

Planning ahead

As always at this time of year, the days and weeks are flying past, and although up here the focus is on hunting and lambing, everywhere else hunting has finished and they are in the middle of hunter trialling and eventing.

Unlike last year, when the ground was so wet that we really could hardly use our XC jumps, this year is looking much more promising - the ground is lovely at the moment so I am planning to take Hector, Felix and Charlie out for a whizz round the fields in the next few days.  Felix will not have forgotten anything, but Charlie has done very little jumping, so could go either way...  

Hector has done more, in his past, I would imagine (there was a photo of him at his previous place loose jumping over some pretty serious fences) and has enthusiastically popped stuff out hunting, so that will be illuminating! 

Further down the line, the Golden Horseshoe (big and serious Exmoor endurance ride) is running as always in May, and we will probably take a couple of horses to do the pleasure ride, which is a 15-20 mile zoom round the moor - ideally in the sunshine, though last time I did it the rain was torrential....

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