Friday, 3 April 2009

More sun!

Dry weather for the last 10 days, such bliss :-)  Dry ground, fields are all rolled and muck-spread, so we are feeling virtuous and well-prepared for the growing season!

Horses are definitely off the grass during the day, its not worth the risk, but are out at night.  

Charlie made us all laugh on Monday as he was back to being master's horse and made it very clear that this is how it should be and slumming it in with the rest of the field is totally unacceptable.  He is looking gorgeous with an amazingly glossy summer coat through on his neck, whereas the others are a bit patchy still (!).  

New horse is a good boy and has settled in well - Jacko is now trying hard to wind him up by biting his bottom over the gate, but he is standing up for himself.  Bailey is smitten and is horrendously in season so keeps waving her backside in his general direction and squirting at him...

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