Thursday, 9 April 2009

Lambs who want waitress service...

Out in front of the house is an old shelter, which isn't normally used but is accessible to the lambs out there.  In the middle of the night I heard 2 bleating their heads off, and woke up convinced they were being eaten by a fox.  Went outside, turned the lights on, and found that it was pouring with rain.   Nice and warm, so mum, the ewe, was outside grazing, but the lambs were not setting foot outside the shelter till the weather was better and were standing in the doorway calling for waitress service at the milk bar...Whats more they got it!

Andy couldn't believe it this morning - started raining again, so off they go to the shelter, and kick up an unholy racket till mum comes running and provides them with elevenses in the comfort of their rain-and-wind free shelter :-)  Are these the cleverest lambs in the world?

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