Tuesday, 21 April 2009


I've always suspected that we covered quite significant mileage out hunting, but over the last week someone who was out had a GPS with them.  It only provided basic mileage, and unlike some I've seen didn't measure how much you climbed or dropped, but even so on a fairly quiet day yesterday we covered around 25 miles, and the visitor said that he had recorded similar on each of the other 2 days he was out.  

So Charlie, who has hunted the most recently, has done 75 miles of moorland, roads, tracks and hills in the last week and is still raring to go :-)  

I had the headcam out again yesterday - first time I've been out for a while although the horses have all gone with other people :-)  and hope to get some more clips up on Youtube in a few more days.  Its a handy way of showing people that "moorland" consists of flint as well as bog :-)

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