Saturday, 18 April 2009

How gorgeous is Charlie?!

Excuse the fact that I am in here too, folks, but Andy took this lovely shot of Charles and I had to include it, because he made me laugh so much yesterday :-)

I took him for a friend to hunt, and we had to box to a meet about 45 minutes from here.  No problem 'cos he travels like an angel.  However, en route the hunt lorry overtook me (I only pootle because I am in a trailer and its a horrible way for horses to travel, so I go at snail's pace especially on Exmoor roads!).  I felt the trailer rock-n-roll, but he was quiet so everything seemed fine - in fact, they told me later that as they overtook Charlie turned and gave them a Paddington bear stare, in some indignation that they dared go past without stopping to pick him up :-)  Like dogs, horses learn to recognise the sounds of their favourite vehicles, obviously!

Once at the meet, Charlie had a HUGE strop in the trailer, bouncing against the breast bar because he could see the lorry and was convinced he was missing out.  Despite all the head tossing we eventually got his bridle on and out he marched, in a real paddy.  Stomped up to the hunt lorry and stood stock still...In fact it was so foggy that we were standing around for a good 45 minutes, but Charlie never moved - he just knew he was in the right place, and sooner or later his hounds  and his hero, Raven (the huntsman's horse), would come out, and all would be well ;-)

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