Wednesday 15 April 2009

Here's something really scary...

YIKES!  Here we all are trying to develop national occupational standards for natural hoofcare, along with LANTRA and the welfare organisations, and yet these courses are STILL being advertised - its terrifying!  

So the well-meaning owners who go along to this will come home and merrily set about their horses with a hoof knife and rasp, after 3 days!  Ye gods, 3 days isn't enough to even learn some basic tool-handling, let alone anatomy and physiology, biomechanics, horse handling, nutrition and any of the other skills that are absolutely ESSENTIAL pre-requisites for taking a horse barefoot.  I know lots of people think the UKNHCP course is too extensive, but honestly and truly everything on the main course is an essential component that was put in after weeks and weeks of discussion and planning by experienced trimmers and farriers.

I think its fantastic that owners want to learn more and are passionate about their horse's hoofcare, but although natural hoofcare is NOT rocket science, there is a bit more to it than you can learn in 3 days - I promise (!)

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