Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Jazz's initial photos and footage

The next feet to feature on the blog this week belong to Jazz, and ISH mare who comes from Dorset. She has had an MRI which showed DDFT damage to both front feet, though her LF was where the lameness primarily showed up. 
Jazz has nice looking feet and has probably benefitted from being out of shoes for long periods in recent years. Certainly her landing has improved already from toe first at the end of May, when her owner first got in touch, to just heel first when we filmed her on Sunday. 
Jazz also has good medio-lateral balance, which is shown here in the balanced hairline, and a fairly strong digital cushion. 
The left foot has been lamer but again externally does not look bad at the moment. 
The fact that she already has good frog and heels which aren't under-run will be a factor in her having a better landing and should mean she improves quite rapidly. 
I've now added her footage here: https://vimeo.com/434045964

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