Friday, 12 June 2020

Dash's 12 week update

 Dash is going home tomorrow and so I want to post her photos (as well as Henry's later on!) in good time.

Dash arrived recently out of shoes with feet which looked ok from the outside but were fairly flat and thin soled. 
The most obvious change to Dash's feet from this angle is the much better connected new growth which is now visible in the top third of her foot. usually its easier to feel than see this, and if you run a hand down Dash's foot it really jumps out but its also visible in a photo.
As you can see, her foot has broadened and she has much better depth of sole beginning to appear. This should continue to improve as the new hoof capsule grows in at the new, tighter angle. Once fully grown in she should have more concavity and a stronger, thicker sole.

This is a nice angle to demonstrate how much her frog and digital cushion have developed over the last 12 weeks. 

What is interesting here is that her foot was previously quite bull-nosed but it now has a completely different profile. once her new hoof capsule has fully grown in she will have a shorter toe as well as a less under-run heel.

 Again a dramatic change in frog and digital cushion as well as improved sole depth. The ridge you can see running round her frog is really common in horses who had thin soles which are now strengthening. It usually disappears once the whole foot has grown down.
It is a trick of these photos that her heels look higher than her frog; thats not the case in real life. 

As with the other foot, much better frog and digital cushion development and a more well-balanced foot as well. 

Dash's footage is here: and as well as a more confident, heel first landing on all four feet her medio-lateral imbalance has improved. Its not perfect but her lateral landing on the LF is better than it was and should continue to improve as her new hoof capsule grows in.

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