Monday, 29 June 2020

Ophelia's initial photos and footage

We've had 2 new horses arrive this weekend, so I'm starting the week with new photos for Ophelia, a trakehner who has come down here thanks to Chris Tufnell of Coach House Vets, who has been a long-standing supporter. He put owner Charlotte in touch with us and yesterday Ophelia arrived to start her rehab journey.  
She has only been out of shoes 3 weeks, though she was barefoot until she was 6 so should have a reasonably good level of development in her hooves originally. Currently I'm having problems uploading footage (now sorted - footage is below!) but she is landing flat/toe first which is what we normally expect to see in horses with DDFT/navicular type damage. 
There's quite a difference in the medial and lateral aspects of her hoof when you look at her from this angle, and that's something I would want to see improve. Again, her footage shows a slight imbalance, with her loading laterally on both feet, worse on the LF.
She has the typical long toe and under-run heel which we also associate with these types of injuries and a fairly flat foot but her frogs aren't too contracted and she has a good amount of digital cushion which is encouraging. 
This is her more balanced foot overall, but both feet need to improve their palmar hoof strength to get her landing heel first again, so that will be the priority for us. More on her soon, and I've now added her footage here:

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