Saturday, 13 June 2020

Guinness' 3 month update

Guinness has been here three months and what a difference between March and June. Its always an incredibly changeable period of the year and this year perhaps more than most. 
When he arrived he was landing toe first and had obviously been uncomfortable for a while as he also had obvious muscle wastage on his RH as well as being short-striding in front. 
He was landing flat rather than toe first but his frogs were weak and his whole palmar hoof was under-developed. Today he has a shorter toe and much stronger frog, and most importantly he is confidently landing heel first. 
From this angle its clear how much his frog has developed and his heels shortened. His upper photo is typical of a horse who has lived only on very soft ground, whereas for any sort of work on harder surfaces we need a more substantial frog and for the hoof walls not to be the primary load point.
This is a more solid foot, with a shorter toe and plenty more improvement to come as the new hoof (which you can see has half grown down) continues to grow in.
From weedy frog to super frog, along with better balance. This now looks like a foot which is going places. 
Guinness' footage is here:

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