Saturday, 13 June 2020

Wilberry's 12 week update

The exodus continues  with Wilberry, who has also been here 12 weeks. The changes to his feet are easier to feel than see but you should be able to spot the shorter toe with a better dorsal wall angle and less under-run foot.
Stronger frogs and, importantly, a healthier central sulcus; feet have better concavity as well which should continue to improve. 
A better developed frog with the digital cushion looking plumper and stronger.  
Tricky light in the top photo, apologies, but you can see the better angle of the dorsal wall in the top half of the foot in today's, lower photo.
That's more like it - a really good looking frog now with no central sulcus split. This is still his worse foot and he is still not 100% on this foot but improving all the time.

Its so important to deal with sulcus splits like the one he had when he arrived (top photo). Once they heal up horses are so much more comfortable and with a proper landing now this foot should continue to grow stronger and sounder. 

Wilberry's footage is here:  and its great to see the progression from toe first landing to tentative heel first then by now, 12 weeks on, a really confident and free moving landing by comparison with how he was initially. 

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