Friday, 12 June 2020

Henry's 12 week update

Henry is also off home tomorrow so I am cramming in his update as well - a double blog post as a Friday bonus. 
I've not included side and heel shots because his feather gets in the way but you can see from these photos that his frog and digital cushion have developed nicely over the 12 weeks he has been here. 
This was his more balanced foot to start with and its looking great now. 
On his left foot, as you can see from his footage, he had a medio-lateral imbalance which means he lands laterally on this foot. It has improved but is still visible; as with Dash he should continue to improve and his foot should continue to stabilise as his hoof capsule grows down. 

Henry's footage is here: and his heel first landing is now well established which is fantastic. He is also moving straighter now, which should also help him continue to develop good balance on that LF. 

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