Monday, 13 July 2020

Rehab updates: Deluxe edition

Deluxe edition as in, his update - which should have been at 4 weeks but is in fact at 5, as I was convinced he had only been here 4 weeks. In fact he has made really good progress over the short time he has been here. 

He arrived in shoes and so its not easy to see how his frog have developed but he has already gone from toe first to heel first which is great to see.
Clearly this is a weak foot but there is a better, more robust foot growing in and Deluxe has a great attitude, so is happy to move around with the other rehabs and get as much stimulus to his feet as possible.  

What I like from this angle is that you can see, from the change in hairline, that his digital cushions is beginning to rebuild.
On the left foot a better palmar hoof already, compared to when he was shod, as well as a better stance. he is still very much finding his feet, literally, but its progress.

Again, hard to draw meaningful comparisons but its a foot which is heading in the right direction, as confirmed by his better landing. 

Better frog = better landing = better digital cushion = better hairline. 

Deluxe's comparison footage is here:

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