Thursday, 30 July 2020

Move along, nothing to see (apart from a better digital cushion) - Jazz's 4 week update

Well, we aren't cutting grass this week - or at least only lawns, not hay - so I've managed to update Jazz's photos, which I should have done at the weekend, when she had been here 4 weeks. 
Jazz arrived with a reasonably good landing and has continued to build up steadily to the point that she is now in ridden work and going out regularly on the roads. There aren't dramatic changes in her feet but overall they are looking stronger and more functional. 

She is a nice example of the fact that you don't need trimming to produce a stronger foot. Everything you can see here is Jazz's own work. 
The increasing strength is best seen from this angle, where the better digital cushion is obvious. 

Again, no dramatic changes but you can see from comparing the nail holes and band of old growth that her feet are growing at a reasonable rate. 

Again, the clearest indication of change is when you compare the shots of the back of her feet, which are a lot more developed. We've not included new footage as her landing is fairly well established but will add this next time. 


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