Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Rehab updates: Quin (also late, apologies)

Quin arrived the same week as Deluxe and like Deluxe I hadn't realised he has already been here 5 weeks, not 4, so this update is late.
Quin arrived already out of shoes and with decent looking feet but a toe first landing. In fact he is a good example of how you can't predict how well a horse will do by simply by appearances as, from the outside, his feet look stronger than Deluxe's. 

However 5 weeks on and he has not made such positive changes - this is not for any sinister reason, simply that he is not yet landing consistently heel first and so the good development of the palmar hoof that we saw yesterday in Deluxe has not really started to happen yet. 

He is landing better on this foot (RF) than his LF, though, and there is some improvement in his digital cushion, as you can see from the two photos above (older photo is at the top, as usual).

There aren't the same obvious changes that we saw in Deluxe because its taking Quin longer to heal - until the back of his foot is more comfortable he won't fully load it and until that point he won't really strengthen or develop it. All we can do is make sure he is on comfortable, conformable surfaces and allow his injuries to recover.

 Again no significant change, which is disappointing, but not surprising when we look at his video.

https://vimeo.com/437774846 As you can see he is landing just about heel first on the RF but toe first still on the LF. Downhill he can land heel first, so thats an encouraging sign that even though he has been slower to progress so far, he is still capable of improvement.

More encouraging is the change to his medio-lateral balance, which has got more even on the LF. I'll post more on Quin soon.

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