Friday, 31 July 2020

Ophelia's 4 week photos

I'm belatedly posting Ophelia's 4 week update - its hard to keep track of how fast the weeks are going! As ever, her initial photos are at the top and the most recent ones are below. 
Ophelia was quite uncomfortable when she arrived and had only been out of shoes a short time so I'd expect her feet to be showing more signs of change than Jazz had. In addition her landing was worse - clearly toe first - so you'd expect her feet to need to develop lots more, particularly around the frog, heels and digital cushion.

She has started to change her feet but is not yet comfortable landing heel first on hard ground so her work to date has been on the tracks and in the school. 
 Nevertheless, she is starting to show signs that her palmar hoof is strengthening which is encouraging.

This is her stronger foot at the moment and its good to see her toe shortening (without any trimming) as her palmar hoof improves.

 Her balance overall on this foot is better and its a stronger looking foot throughout.

 Again, signs of a more developed digital cushion but we need her to start landing more confidently on hard ground before we can introduce roadwork. We will film her this weekend and hope for clear progress with this. I'll update her footage once I have it.
So Ophelia's footage is now up here: and she has now got a tentative heel first landing, which is brilliant to see :-) Onwards and upwards for her, I hope. 

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