Friday, 9 September 2011

Horse of the Week! [RRR is GO!]

With the start of the Rockley Rehabs Reunion now upon us, my Horse of the Week surely has to be Dexter.  Unfortunately Kelly can't be with us for the RRR as she will be working abroad but Mr Dexterity will certainly be making a guest appearance. 
For those who are new to the blog, Dexter came here as a rehab horse in 2008 and it was his vet, Jeremy Hyde at Eqwest, who was the impetus behind setting up "Project Dexter" - the project which now records the progress of all our rehab horses and provides research into how our rehab compares with conventional treatments.
Dexter went home in June 2008 and spent the next few years being a stunning success story, thanks to the hard work and dedication of Kelly and her mum.  He has evented and competed separately in dressage and showjumping and has been an inspiration for many other rehabs.
A few weeks ago Dexter came back at Rockley as a resident and, like all Rockley residents, he was introduced to his new job - hunting.  He seems so far to rather enjoy it, though its hard to say whether his favourite parts are galloping about or watching hounds and eating.
Having just had his 6th day hunting and covered nearly 60 miles on the moor he has apparently (like most horses I take hunting) reached the "I know everything" stage (sigh).  I am hoping nevertheless for immaculate behaviour on Saturday in front of the RRR-ers :-)

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