Monday, 19 September 2011

Comparison trotwork - Pocholo

I've been wanting to put new footage up of Pocholo since the RRR last weekend, when Wiola rode him both out and about and in the school, but the week got away from me and it was only this Sunday night that I managed to pull the clips together.
Under saddle and in hand P has gradually become more level and freer in his stride but because he wasn't desperately unlevel when he arrived the changes have been more subtle than in his landing footage (which has gone dramatically and clearly from toe first to heel first). 
The photos above are both taken from the footage I took in July, after he had been here 3 weeks and although his stride was fairly even it still tended to be pokey and he felt as if he was bracing at the shoulder.
 By contrast these 2 photos are taken from the September footage.  Its a subtle change and not made easier to spot by the fact that the camera wasn't in the same place(!) but there is more suspension in each stride and greater freedom from the shoulder 
Anyway, here is the video so you can make your own judgements :-)

Although his feet still appear boxy, there is much more strength and development in the back of the foot with lower heels (and no, I haven't trimmed them!) and a healthier frog. 


jenj said...

He definitely looks more comfortable! You can see he's taking bigger steps and isn't snatching his feet up quite so quickly. Hopefully he will continue to improve and be able to show off his beautiful gaits to their best advantage!

Dressager said...

He looks so lovely!!!

Val said...

He is a very pretty horse. I am glad he is feeling better.