Monday, 26 September 2011

Cheeky girls

To go with Sunday's lovely news about Isha and Ginger, here is an update on Patsy - not a ridden video this time as the little minx wasn't being caught...She's looking good though(!)  and obviously having fun :-)

I've got lots of updates I need to post on the rehabs, including footage of Nicky and Zan and new hoof photos for Taz and Dillon, but have run out of time - more later!

ETA: Just saw this post from Hannah on Facebook: "Yey.. Just jumped patsy over 2 logs. First time in over a year - Dunno who was more excited!?! :D"


amandap said...

Ha, ha! Can't catch me, I'm feeling too good. lol

Nic Barker said...


Samantha Beckett said...

love the song choice....... Sam