Friday, 23 September 2011

Horse of the week! Flynn the Second

Flynn the Second  - a 6 yr old Irish Sports Horse - has now been here for just over 2 weeks, and its more than time for an update on him.  He arrived straight from box rest, and was rather amazed to join the gang at Rockley but has been extremely relaxed since day one.
The top photo is one his owner took 4 days before he came to Rockley and the lower one was taken once he had been here 3 days.
When he arrived he'd already had his shoes taken off and his feet had already started to change - above is his LF a few days after he came to Rockley. 
This photo is the same foot today, 11 days later. 
Above, the caudal hoof shot for his LF on 11th September, and below on 22nd September.
He has started work this week - either in hand or led from another horse - and seems to be enjoying himself, so fingers crossed for good updates for him soon!

Here is his footage - nothing too dramatic, but a gradual improvement over the last 11 days to the point where he can now start to work on more varied surfaces.  In fact we have already worked him in hand in the arena and taken him out for 2 short sessions of roadwork, led from Zan.  He really enjoyed being out and about and his feet have responded well too, so I will hope to post more on Flynn soon.

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