Sunday, 25 September 2011

Ginger and Isha's fab Sunday update!

Danielle posted this on Facebook, along with a clip (which you can also see on the Rockley Rehab Reunion page) of Ginger in action.
This would be a lovely photo of any horse, but when its a horse in his late teens, who had been diagnosed with navicular, and whose owner had been told he wouldn't work again  - well, then its extra special, and enough to make today the best day of the week ;-)

Don't forget that when horses leave here, although they have made great progress, there is an enormous amount of rehab still to do and that continual, ongoing job is down to the owners. Hats off and huge credit therefore to Danielle who has stuck with Ginger through thick and thin and who has worked and worked to bring him back to his current fantastic condition - awesome job!

This update from Fayley about Isha is a reminder of how hard owners have to work (they sadly missed the RRR because Isha had slipped and torn a lot of muscles so wasn't allowed to make the long journey to Exmoor):

"Just thought I'd give you a little Isha update; she's been back in light work since last Friday and is doing superbly (the chiropractor visited on the 9th and was shocked at how much she'd improved). I was also really worried that the time she's had off would have been detrimental to her feet but great news is she is stomping along with a wonderful long stride and is finally getting back to rock crunching after a whole summer of massive ups and downs and having to boot for lots of rides - I took her down really rough lanes today (ones I've been avoiding for the past 2 months) and she hardly slowed at all, she took it steady on the very sharpest roughest stuff (talking really nasty old mine ground, sharp rocks over uneven hard ground), but stomped along over gravel etc - looks like I have found the one plus side to the nights drawing in - grass is no longer a problem!"

Fayley has worked incredibly hard over the last few months to put a really great management plan into effect, and it looks as if she and Isha are now reaping the rewards  - brilliant to hear :-)


Sez said...

Must admit to having a soft spot for Ginger as I recall his story right from the diagnosis on HHO, through conventional treatments and then to Rockley. Really pleased to see him doing so well.

Nic Barker said...

Me too, Sez - I adore my old boys (and girls!) and Ginger reminds me so much of Ghost - still a cheeky old bugger who prefers galloping to acting his age :-)