Wednesday, 14 September 2011

A belated post - Flynn the Second

Poor Flynn arrived late last Thursday night  - here he is looking a bit spaced out in semi-darkness with space-alien eyes, as he was turned out on the track with Felix and Charlie - but as the RRR started the next day he has had to wait till now to get his own blog post.
He arrived straight from 3 months box rest but has been incredibly quick to settle in, particularly given the number of extra horses, vehicles and people who were in and out of Rockley over the weekend.  Perhaps he will find it rather boring now that everything has quietened down!
One great thing was that his owner, Stacy, and her mum, were able to come over and see him on Saturday and meet lots of other rehab owners at the same time.  They had rather an epic journey from Essex but apparently their accomodation in Hotel Disco was an improvement on least they were dry and warm :-)
Flynn has basically nice feet - though with poor m/l balance currently - which seem desperate to change as fast as possible.  I didn't manage to get photos the day he arrived, and these were taken on Sunday.  Even in that short time (Stacy took photos on the previous Monday) his feet had changed - so I am hoping I will be posting a good update on him very soon.

Like most Irish horses, he is incredibly sociable and he has already introduced himself to all the boys and become part of the gang.  Then yesterday he met Nicky, the QH mare, who took an instant shine to him  and has already bumped Dillon and Taz in his favour - what a minx...(!)


Lucie said...

What a good boy he was, he was looking very chilled.
So much so that when I was showing my parents round, I introduced him as 'Angel'. Woops!!

Flynn said...

He looks like a dude, with a great name too. Wish him the best of luck. And if it's any consolation I rarely get called just "Flynn". It's usually "Flynny boy" or "Flynny wynny woo". Sometimes I am even summoned from the field by FB shouting "come here you big beautiful bas***d". It really is very embarrassing being me sometimes.

amandap said...

Another great story to follow.

Nic, your place would be fab for those interested in horse behaviour and social interaction in a more 'natural' livery environment.
Don't suppose you have time to put into observation of behaviour though. lol

jenj said...

Flynn (the one with the star and snip who posted above), I feel your pain. I'm Red the Feerless War Pony, but my mum calls me her "Kyoot Widdle Weddums." Me, the Boss of the Pasture! Humans are such strange creatures.

Flynn (the Irish horse at Rockley), glad to hear you did the manly thing and nabbed the cutest lady around! *shoulder bump*

stacyflynn said...

Glad to see my boy has got his priorities right- bagging himself a new girlfriend!!

Was lovely to see him settled so quickly after a long time on box rest.

And to Flynn above- don't worry your not the only one with embarrassing parents i never leave the yard without saying to my Flynn " night night gorgeous I love you"!!!! Although don't worry Nic i don't expect you to be keep that up! LOL:)

Nic Barker said...

Ah well, it sounds like both Flynns are in home from home since I talk incessantly to the horses and call them a whole range of things, from darling on downwards depending on behaviour, and everything including Taz at 17.2hh is called a Tiny Pony...

I also know that if I ever hear Andy say "Hello Gorgeous" he will be addressing Bailey, not to me :-)

Nic Barker said...

PS: Amanda - the amount of time I spend watching the horses is some of the best parts of the day - I could give you a whole soap opera each and every day if I had the time and more cameras :-)