Thursday, 1 September 2011

Charlie flies the flag

Charlie had the job of being the Rockley barefoot ambassador yesterday when he was borrowed by a visitor from the Quorn for her first day's hunting on Exmoor.   You can spot Charlie's feet in the photo below, though Bailey is hogging the camera, as always(!).
Its funny how visitors - who at home jump fences out hunting which would scare the pants off us - worry about going down our hills - but then I was exactly the same when I first came here :-)
Charlie is listening to Jane's wise words, not worried in the slightest, even though his rider is a bit apprehensive; Felix (of course) has already spotted the camera.
Nothing to worry about when you are on lovely old turf with the best view in the world in front of you!
But inevitably there are hills to climb and drop down.  Charlie as always was a little star, foot perfect on even the most horrible ground and I think gave her a lovely  - if busy - day.  
We covered every sort of ground, from bog to tough stony tracks and every speed, from going quietly down precipitous slopes to belting along the roads and across fields to keep up, and Charlie demonstrated the capability of truly healthy hooves to perfection!
Felix spots the camera...again.  Thanks to Edward for all the photos!


Val said...

Felix is so adorable. What a ham!

jenj said...

Felix looks like he may have missed his calling as a model. ;)

Lucie said...

They all look fab!!
Charlie is still my favourite ;)

Dressager said...

Oh Felix hahahaha!
These pictures make me want to live up there and go hunting every day SO badly!

Nic Barker said...

Felix is a cocky little monkey :-) Lucie, you are running to form, anyway :-)

Dressager - glad you enjoyed them!