Thursday, 23 September 2010

What a difference!

Along with the great photos Cristina sent about Frankie last week, she also sent me some updated hoof pics. Its now 7 months since Frankie came down to Rockley and he has been back home since June.

All credit to Cristina and his farrier that his feet look so absolutely gorgeous now - what a difference from the under-run heels and wizened little frogs he had when he arrived.
What I particularly like is that Frankie is still with his old farrier - so you can see that it certainly wasn't his fault that the feet were so compromised before.

It also goes to show two things about Thoroughbreds...
- firstly their poor feet CAN change - its not just about genetics; and
- secondly of course, they CAN go barefoot - even the ones who started with thin soles, underrun heels, flat feet... :-)


Corner Comforts said...

Hi Nic, I emailed you last Jan about keeping my TB and my ID barefoot. My concern was obviously for the TB! You were so helpful and I bought your book the same day. My TB has been sound ever since and his feet(and confirmation)have never been better- I have stayed with the same farrier too. I just hope that all TB owners think twice before about putting shoes on their horses. Although their genetics have been selected by humans, there is evolution there too, and as always nature knows best.

Nic Barker said...

Thats fantastic news - well done and what a lovely success story :-)

Now all we need is photos...!!