Friday, 10 September 2010

Hoof comparison photos - Rose

To go with the video of Rose earlier in the week, here are a couple of shots of her worse (LF) limb. The first photo shows her on arrival, in her shoes.In the second photo, her frog has already improved and there is a corresponding improvement (shown in the video footage) in her ability to land heel first.
She doesn't have a particularly under-run hoof but like most of the horses who come here, she has been lame for a while: the broken-back hoof/pastern axis in her shod photo is a sign that her hooves are not supporting her as well as they should. You can also see that the dorsal wall angle is quite distorted and has been rasped heavily to bring the breakover back - not the farrier's fault, he is just making the best of a difficult job.
Four weeks later her hoof/pastern axis has improved - she is landing better and her hoof is more supportive. There is a new angle of growth just visible and she has grown a reasonable amount of new hoof capsule in a short time.

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