Friday, 24 September 2010

Rockley horses do anatomy

One of the areas the students were concentrating on last week was improving their knowledge of whole horse anatomy and biomechanics. Its much more effective to do this on a horse than just with textbooks, not least because there is a vast difference between a 2 dimensional picture and a 3 dimensional horse.  That may be why the ribs have gone a bit random...(!) though the distal limb is fantastic - phew, what a relief...    ;-)

Fortunately, both Charlie and Felix positively enjoy this sort of thing, especially on a lovely sunny day, so they were only too pleased to be models for the day. They were both going hunting the next day, so the only worry was how tricky it would be to get the paint off, but I can endorse Tesco's own brand kid's paints as being very, very washable!

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