Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Out and about!

Bailey W was out and about on Tuesday when his owner came up to take him out again. We had a fun ride in the sunshine, and the weather was so good I took the headcam out with me for the first time in ages. Filming with the headcam is always a bit shaky, so apologies for the poor definition, but you get the idea :-)

Bailey W is still in the throes of growing a much better hoof, so at the moment he still prefers good going, like the fields, but he is improving all the time. Considering that he used to go lame even when turned out, he now makes a pretty good job of tackling our steep hills!
If the footage isn't that clear on the blog, you can also see it here:


Andrea said...

That's the land you get to ride on??
I want to live there!!

Nic Barker said...

:-) its fab - of course I can't take the camera out when its pouring with rain, as it does with monotonous regularity, but I wouldn't be anywhere else!