Monday, 6 September 2010

Five go mad...

...or what happens when the Rockley horses get to go out on fields they last saw 10 months ago :-) I took the footage over the weekend and thought it made a fun vid for Monday morning. Three of them had been hunting in the morning, and had already covered 19 miles, though you wouldn't know it(!) Its high definition, so too big for here, but you can find it on this link:

The horses love being allowed back onto the hayfields a few days after they've been cut and like most horse-owners, I love nothing better than seeing them blast round having a wild time but there is no getting away from the fact that fields of grass are far from ideal food for horses. Its growing like mad at the moment, so as usual for this time of year, they only get access to the fields overnight - the footage was shot at around 7pm, and they were back off the grass before 6am.

Grass is less of a problem for Jack, Felix and Charlie but Bailey and Angel are both super-sensitive and can't safely be on grass every night. I let them out that night because the long grass round the edges of the hayfields is normally fairly mature and lower in sugar but its definitely a time to be cautious - lots of people are reporting problems, from mild footiness to bouts of laminitis, so be careful out there!


jenj said...

Nic, thanks for the beautiful video. I smiled the whole time I was watching it!

Nic Barker said...

Thanks Jen - its one I will come back to as well on those dark winter nights :-)