Wednesday, 8 September 2010

"Feet First" update

I hope you don't mind an interruption to this blog for a bit of news about "Feet First" - the book that Sarah Braithwaite and I wrote, which was published last July (there is more info about "Feet First" here).

It feels as if its a long time ago that we wrote it - although it was published in 2009 of course we actually wrote it between July 2007 and December 2008 - but its been selling pretty steadily, much to my relief and satisfaction. It was still a pleasant surprise though to realise that stocks of it are now so low that its due to be reprinted(!).

It was an ideal opportunity for Sarah and I to have a read through and update a couple of areas where better nutritional information is now available, and with luck the reprints will be out soon! Don't worry if you've got an old copy, though - the vast majority of it is unchanged and most of the new nutritional info has already been discussed at length on the UKNHCP forum :-)

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