Wednesday, 6 May 2009

New hooves - one month in

Blue and Uriel have both been here about a month - Uriel 5 weeks, I think. 

I took some more photos today, and also filmed them both to see how they are progressing - its all very well to feel that they are improving, but I need to document it and make sure :-)

On the high definition footage, both of them have started to land heel first with their "good" - ie right - hooves.  This is a big step forward as they were landing toe first before, with both left and right front feet.  

On their worse hooves (left) they are still landing toe first, but its much less pronounced than before.  We film on concrete, which is not a surface I work them on at the moment, so I would expect them to be "behind" in the film where they are when they are working.  In other words, when they are working (on good surfaces) they ARE landing heel first, but they aren't strong enough yet to do that on a tough surface.  

Once they ARE strong enough to land heel first on that consistently, then we will have cracked it :-)

Here are some hoof pics from today.  This set are of Uriel, and I will put Blue's on the post above. 

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