Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Ghost instead

I was supposed to be taking Hector jump schooling today, but he has knocked a hind leg, low down at the coronet, and is not 100% sound on it, so thats been called off.  Hex is a complete pansy and even the slightest bump is enough to affect him, so I am not too worried.  Last year he was lame for a week because he has skinned himself above the hock - any of the others would hardly have noticed the same injury (!)

So instead, once I'd exercised the rehabs I took Ghost for a proper spin, 8 miles up and down Shoulsbarrow with plenty of space for a blast or two.  I took the GPS with me, as I am still playing about with it, and I was quite impressed with the old boy - top speed of 23.1 mph when I let him gallop up a fairly steep field :-)  He did run out of puff before the end of the hill, and we trotted the last bit, but he was on fine form.  

I am going to give him a shot as the Rockley endurance horse 2009 so will up his work now and take him on a couple of pleasure rides in the next month or so, just going quietly (if we can!) to see how he feels about the whole thing...

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