Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Compare and contrast

...or, the joys of the British climate ;-)  The top photo is today, after a few fairly dry days, the lower photo was on Friday after a lovely week of monsoon rain (!)...  We had a gorgeous bank holiday, though, which makes up for it. 

We had friends staying so the only horses who really worked were Ghost and the rehabs.  Andy took Wacko Jacko out though for a quick round the fields on his own, which a year ago would have had him bolting for home, but the new grown-up Wacko took it all in his stride and actually enjoyed it :-)

Ghost is going as well as he has ever gone, I think, and I've had some fantastic rides on him recently.  We've entered a 26km endurance ride in 2 weeks time, so that will be his first time out as Rockley Endurance Horse :-)

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