Sunday, 17 May 2009

Rockley endurance horse short-list!

After the excitement of the GH I am now eyeing up the boys and working out who is my most likely endurance candidate.  My reasoning goes something like this, so all input is appreciated :-)

Charlie: on hols, and will be hunting again in August, so no go.  Also would be v sad going miles and miles on his own with no hounds... :-(

Felix: on hols, and will also be hunting again in August, so like Charlie really could do with a break.  Loves going off on his own but disapproves of bling and pink bridles.  Has a super low heart rate but like Charlie would be disappointed by lack of houndies...  :-(

Hector: not on hols, but should really be learning to jump... Happy going out on his own but has fully functioning built in GPS which tells him at all times where the trailer is.  Optimum speed is often disabled when GPS flashes up error message about direction :-) Appeared reconciled to lack of hounds at Golden Horseshoe, and quite liked the bling (he is orange after all).

Wacko Jacko: ruled out on account of hound fetish  - hunting is really what makes his life worth living :-) and wildly bizarre front feet, which would be likely to cause sleepless nights for attending vets and farriers even when he trots up sound (!)

Ghost: loves being out on his own, has hound phobia so lack of them in endurance is a huge bonus.  Nightmare to ride in company but fine as long as he can overtake things...Pretty good heart rate but is 25 (or maybe 26) years old... 

OK folks, who from my motley crew gets your vote?  


kellywelly said...

I would go for Ghost.........the rest have hunting to look forward to!! Age does not have to restrict him!! I also think he will like bling....maybe next year you could clip him out and make hearts on his bum!

I agree that Hector likes bling, after al he is similar to Dexter and HE LOVES IT!!!!!


sarahh said...

i know i'm repeating myself but .... GHOST!!!!
He'd be ace