Thursday, 28 May 2009

Jobs for the boys...

Just time for a quick update on what everyone is doing...

Felix and I are off to the Exmoor Foxhounds hunter trial tomorrow, and will have a whizz round, I hope more successfully than last year when F decided to jump a fence straight ahead (where I was looking) but in fact the course required a right hand turn (where I went...without Felix (!)).

Then on Saturday he and I have the job of catching racehorses as we are stewarding at the point to point - should be a lovely couple of days, with a good forecast, thank goodness.  

Ghost is still on track at the moment for doing some endurance.  He has been out on some decent rides, and seems to be having fun and is a lot fitter than he was a few weeks ago :-)

Angel and Blue,  the rehab horses, are making good progress, and we have got to the lovely stage when we can really put some miles on those hooves.  They are up to 45mins to an hour, 4 or 5 times a week, and are going out on a mixture of fields or verges and smooth tarmac.  Both are landing well, and I will post some more pics of them after the weekend.

The others are on more-or-less holiday still - hard to believe that they haven't even had a month off since hunting finished - feels like years ago ;-)  Andy takes Jacko out now and then, more for the mental exercise of going out on his own (which has done him loads of good - he is now actually enjoying being out and about even without company), but Charlie and Hector are slobbing out!

Charlie still doesn't like being out at night when its wild and windy (like Tuesday!) but can cope if its decent weather.  Hector seems to have recovered after his knock of a week or so ago, but I've decided it will do him no harm to have at least a couple of weeks to just relax.

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