Friday, 15 May 2009

Mud, mud, glorious mud...

It POURED with rain yesterday...which was fine because I spent much of the day trimming horses in south Devon and didn't have to exercise horses up here :-)  However, the track and fields, which have been beautifully dry for the last month or so have suddenly reverted back to squelch and sludge, at least in pockets.  

The horses, of course, are delighted with this, because before the rain it was midgey and itchy and now they have been able to roll and roll in the mud and plaster themselves in it, thus keeping off the flies which have left for warmer and drier climes now anyway...

Trust me to have 4 horses here at the moment which aren't even grey, they are snowy-white - or at least supposed to be...I rechristened Blue "Brown" this morning, and Jacko is also sporting a fetching partial-skewbald look.   Ghost miraculously was only black underneath, so was fairly easy to clean up, but I am very glad that I took his photo earlier in the week, because he ain't so sparkly today (!)

I've left the others to dry off, in the hopes I will be able to brush off the worst and exercise this afternoon :-)

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