Friday, 1 May 2009

The big Blue

Blue is one of the recent rehab arrivals, and I haven't posted much about him before because, like most newly arrived rehabs, he has spent his first few weeks on the track, where the pea gravel and other surfaces ensure he is comfortable. 

I've long-reined him and led him out from other horses, but yesterday was the first day I rode him, and was the first time he had been ridden in at least 3 months.  Often, getting on a new horse for the first time can be slightly nerve-wracking, especially as I then planned to take him out on his own, but with Blue I had absolutely no qualms.  

He is very similar in breeding and appearance to our Ghost, but has significantly better manners under saddle ;-)  Because he has only been here a few weeks, he is far from rock-crunching, but he has improved already from the serious toe-first landing he had when he arrived.   More on him, plus photos, shortly. 

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