Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Can you recognise this horse?

 Lovely photos came in at the weekend from Nicky, who had been out competing with her boy. He was a rehab here nearly 3 years ago and became famous on the blog because of his wacky remedial shoes - which had sadly not improved his lameness at all.
Now back at home since 2011 he and Nicky have gone from strength to strength and I am so proud of what they have achieved together.
The icing on the cake of for both of them I think was when the dressage judge recognised this and commented simply "Super partnership". It says it all, and its fantastic to see. 
Well done both of you - I know you are a real inspiration to a lot of people :-)

PS: For those who haven't guessed - he is of course "Dillon with the wedges"...More on him here for new arrivals!


amandap said...

It's lovely to hear a longer term update and especially that Dillon is doing so well. He looks fantastic.

dreams579 said...

Oh Nicky, he looks fantastic! That first photo, he looks so happily forward and loose through himself!

MrsD said...

WOW "Dillon with the wedges", this is a different horse! Fantastic!!!!